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= Other Stuff =
= Other Stuff =
* [[Honeycomb H2]] The next Smart Storage platform
* [[iPres2008]] Submission Thoughts
* [[iPres2008]] Submission Thoughts

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Preserv Wiki

Welcome to the Preserv wiki where we will be mostly adding in development APIs and specifications.

GoogleCode repository for Preserv2

All the code and tools generated as part of preserv2 will be uploaded and maintained via the new preserv2 googlecode repository, located at [[1]].

DroidWrapper for DROID repository connection and Scheduling

Written in Java this wrapper sits arround an unmodified copy of DROID and interfaces this with a Calendar and Web server for triggering of events and uploading of history and reports into the 2 respective services.

A lot more info on this including a diagram can be found in the paper [[2]]

All is currently only in the preserv2 google code repository [[3]]

Pronom Stubs for September Release of Pronom

Written in Java this small application emulates the soon to be released functionality of the next version of The National Archives (UK) Pronom technical registry. If the function you request already exists and is release it will redirect your request to that live service. It is recommended that you keep this software up to date.

For more information and downloads see PronomStubCode.

Other Stuff

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